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some people think educate children of different abilities together will benefit them. others think intelligent children should be taught separately and give special courses, discuss both side and give own opinion!

Endowed by different talents, every individual is contributing to our society in different ways. Therefore, to treat every student equally is a common practice at existent schools; however, there is a tendency of growing popularity that schools are oriented by producing "elite students". It has aroused fierce controversies, for which reason I suggest that schools should keep their traditional strategy unchanged.

To begin with, to separate students according to their individual competence can injure their personality development. Some seemingly intelligent students are instilled with a sense of superiority. Consequently, they place themselves over the rest of the class, but some findings have indicated that those are of great wise are not necessarily of great use.

Secondly, to categorise students with a rigid rule can spur the rivalry between students, which is harmful for the academic atmosphere of a school. Schools are prestigious because of their inborn ability to provide children a relaxing and cooperative environment to study. To treat gifted children different would inescapably upgrade the competition between children. Arguments or infightings thus escalate.

Admittedly, to devise particular courses for a certain group of students can find their way to benefit students' future. Some students have advanced their special interests in some subjects, such as philosophy, astronomy, and geography, to mention but a few. Those subjects, in general, demand fewer practitioners, compared with other profitable subjects, e.g., business, computer, and graphic design, etc. However, as emphasised before, it is rational to leave students options to choose, instead of forcing an inflexible rule

In brief, to train students for specific purpose might be beneficial in some sense, but to coach them together is more favourable a strategy.

Endowed=gifted 被赋予..(一般接天赋,能力一类的词)

Environment-friendly (adj.) 有利环境的

Profit-oriented=profit-driven (adj.) 以盈利为目的的

Environment-interested (adj.) 对环境感兴趣的

Environment-conscious (adj.) 具备环境意识的

Rigid=inflexible=strict=rigorous=relentless: 严厉的,没有任何余地的, (一般形容法律,秩序)



1. The excessive pennissiveness of present-day parents is doing more harm than good to children and society as well.

2. Children should develop the habit of working and living independently and, meanwhile, practise the virtue of being filial to their parents.

3. Children who have a surfeit of happiness in their childhood often emerge like stodgy puddings and fail to make a success of life.

4. The fact that young people nowadays are self-centred, indifferent and inconsiderate of others is largely the outcome of parental permissiveness in their childhood.

5. Parental authority in a family helps a child to develop his character healthily.

6. Parents should exercise strict discipline over their children because, the more permissive the parents are, the more rebellious against their parents the children will become.

7. Lavish care and excessive permissiveness will only give rise to hedonism among the younger generation.

8. If one lets the child do whatever he wants to, he will ruin the child for life.

9. We have to admit the fact that we now have got a generation of spoilt, selfcentred brats with no respect for their elders.

10. The spread of juvenile delinquency in our age is largely due to parental pennissiveness.


1. More care for children is not the same as permissiveness to them.

2. The truth is that parents nowadays do not take enough care of their children and often neglect their development because the parents are only interested in their careers.

3. Parents are not at all permissive to their children. Violence often takes place in families in which children are abused.

4. Only a relaxed family atmosphere can help the physical and psychological growth of children.

5. To let children do what they like contributes to their independence and competence in their adult lives.

6. It is unfair to blame parents for the spread of juvenile delinquency. There are a lot of other causes involved.

7. Many cases show that children leave home and become members of street gangs just because they can not bear authoritarian control over them by their parents.

8. Strict discipline does not always work in terms of developing children's personal qualities. Too much pressure on children leads to rebellion and other extreme actions.

9. Parents are not justified in using violence to keep discipline and maintain their authority over the children.

10. Children are human beings, too. They need to be protected instead of being frequently scolded or physically abused.


Many think punishment is necessary to help children learn the distinction. What extents do u agrees or dis?

(It is important to tell the children what is right or wrong at their earlier age. Punishment is good to tell the distinction between right and wrong. Do what extent u agrees or dis? )


Nowadays the quality of education is very low, some people think that should encourage our student to evaluate and criticize their teacher, other believe that this would result in loss of respect and discipline in the classroom , Discuss


Some people think children should learn to compete, but others think that children should be taught to cooperate. Express some reasons of both views and give your own opinion.


Universities should accept equal numbers of male and female students in every subject. Do you agree or disagree.


Some people think that we should teach different children together, and others think the intelligent children should be taught separately. Discuss and give your own opinion.


Some people think that school select their pupils according to their academic ability, other think that young people according different abilities together. Your opinion?


Parents and teachers make many rules for children to encourage good behavior and to protect them from danger. However, children would benefit from fewer rules and greater freedom. To what extent do you agree or disagree.


Nowadays ,some people think the city is no longer a good place for children’s education ,they suggest that the country is a better choice .to what extent do you agree or dis?


The computers are widely used in education, and some people think teacher are not play important role in the classroom. To what extent do u agree or dis?


In the modern world, the school is becoming unnecessary for children to study, they can use Internet which has a widely information available for children so that they can study at home instead. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


any people use distance-learning programmers(study material post,TV,internet...)study at home,but some people think that it can not bring the benefit as much as attending college or university,agree or disagree。


Some people think that machine translation is highly developed in today’s society; therefore it is not necessary for children to learn a foreign language. What’s your opinion?


Computers are less helpful to children's study, and some people say computers have a negative effect on children's physical and mental development. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


With the increasing popularity of computer and calculators, student literacy is decreasing dramatically. What are the positive and negative effects the progress of science and technology has brought about?


Memorization of information by frequency repetition (rote learning) plays a role in education system to what extend do you agree or disagree.


Many parents send their children abroad to study , discuss the advantage and dis about this ,do you think when will be a suitable age to send them abroad?


Nowadays the age at which children start to attend school is becoming younger and younger, some children go to school at the age of four, some people think it is for children to attend school earlier while others disagree.


Who should be most responsible for children’s education? Give your opinion and reasons for it?


Nowadays there are two kinds of school : public and private !discuss the merits of each .


How should a graduating student decide upon his future career? What opinions are most important to him ?


Many young people find their first day at high school or college difficult, because they feel very alone. What do you think are the other difficulties they face on their first day? What can school and colleges do make them feel more comfortable?


In many school , courses like math and science have displaced physical exercise. Give your opinion on the importance of physical exercise ,what do you think is the most suitable amount of exercise a student should take?

很多学校,体育课被数学科学代替 ,说说体育课的重要,以及多少的运动量适合学生?

Some people think that it is better for children to go to boarding schools, while others think that they should go to day school and stay with their parents discuss,



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