高一英语课本单元练习-必修一Unit3Travel journal(含答案和解析)

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  之前和大家分享了人教版高一英语必修一Unit3 Travel journal的语言知识点,现在我们来做点练习巩固一下吧!

  Unit3 Travel journal

  Ⅰ. 单句语法填空

  1.(2016·天津卷,12改编)I'm going to take advantage __of__this tour to explore the history of the castle.

  解析:句意:我要利用这次旅行来探索这个城堡的历史。使用短语take advantage of,意为“利用”。

  2.—My dear, you are always __throwing__(throw) things about.Look, what a mess in the room!

  —Sorry, Mom.


  3.—Got your driving license?

  —Yes.It is a week since I __passed__(pass) the driving test.


  4.I __am_finishing__(finish) my work.Please wait for me for a while, and then let's go home together.


  5.In May, as __scheduled__(schedule), the product was launched, apparently with great success.

  解析:考查省略句。句意:今年五月,这个产品按计划推出,显然十分成功。把从句补全后应为:as the product was scheduled。

  6.The reports went missing in 2012 and nobody __has_seen__(see) them since.


  7.Parents should have a proper attitude __to/toward(s)__ boys who have suffered so much from an addiction __to__ computer games.

  解析:attitude to/toward(s) sb./sth.“对某人或某事的态度,看法”;addiction to sth.“沉溺于……”。

  8.According to the news, there will not be as many entertainment programs __as__ usual on television.

  解析:句意:根据新闻,在电视上将不会像往常那样有那么多的娱乐节目了。as usual“像往常”,符合句意。

  9.She couldn't wait __to_go__(go) home after such a long and tiring journey.

  解析:考查非谓语动词。句意:经过这么漫长又令人疲倦的旅行之后,她迫不及待地想回家。couldn't wait to do sth.“迫不及待做某事”为固定搭配。

  10.It being Sunday, rather than __stay__(stay) at home, I preferred __to_travel__(travel).

  解析:prefer to do rather than do...“宁愿而不愿……”。句意:因为今天是周日,我宁愿去旅行而不愿待在家里。

  11.(2015·陕西,20改编)I believe you will have a wonderful time here __once__you get to know everyone else.


  12.__Once__you start eating in a healthier way, weight control will become much easier.

  解析:本题考查状语从句引导词的选择。句意:一旦你开始用一种更健康的方式吃,体重控制将会变得容易得多。once“一旦,一经”,引导时间状语从句。根据句中的关键词语in a healthier way(用一种更健康的方式)和weight control will become much easier(体重控制将会变得容易得多)可知应用once来引导时间状语从句。

  13.—Hi, let's go skating.

  —Sorry, I'm busy right now.I __am_filling__(fill) in an application form for a new job.

  解析:考查动词时态。根据时间状语right now的提示可知,空格处应为正在发生的动作,故用进行时。句意:——嗨,我们去滑冰吧。——抱歉,我现在很忙。我正在填一份新工作的申请表。

  14.I have heard a lot of good things about you __since__ I came back from abroad.


  15.This machine is very easy __to_operate__(operate).Anybody can learn to use it in a few minutes.

  解析:本题考查动词不定式。句意:这台机器很容易操作,任何人在几分钟之内都能学会使用它。在“be+性质形容词+不定式”结构中,应用不定式的主动形式表达被动意义。常见的此类形容词有easy, hard, difficult, interesting, heavy,pleasant, comfortable, safe, dangerous, impossible等,该类形容词说明的是不定式的性质。

  Ⅱ. 完成句子

  1.__As__ __usual__(像往常一样), he is the first student to come to the classroom and the last one to leave.

  2.Our teachers always encourage us not __to__ __give__ __in__(屈服) to difficulties and make full use of what we have to realize our dreams.

  3.She has been worrying about her son __ever__ __since__(从……时起) she heard that he was ill.

  4.In order to __persuade__ __his__ __father__ __to__ __give__ __up__ __smoking__ (说服他爸爸戒烟), he always asks the doctor for help.

  5.He __prefers__ __to__(宁愿) do some sports with his classmates __rather__ __than__(而不愿)stay at home doing nothing.


  Honestly speaking, there was a time when I __couldn't__ __wait__ __to__ __see__ my friends whom I hadn't seen for a long time.


  __No__ __matter__ __what(=Whatever)__happens, I will support you.


  Once he makes a decision, __he__ __will__ __never__ __change__ __his__ __mind__.


  __So__ __fast__ __does__he run that no one in our class can catch up with him.


  After days of staying with him, I find him __easy__ __to__ __get__ __along__ __with__.

  Ⅲ. 单句改错

  1.We have made up our mind to spare every effort to be admitted into key universities.


  2.Determining to train his daughter in English, he put an ad for an English tutor in the paper.


  3.The excited boy couldn't wait open his birthday presents.


  4.She preferred living with the animals and study them to teach at the university.


  5.She insisted that I went to the prison to visit her brother with her.


  6.In my view, the new flat is very comfortable to live.


  Ⅳ. 语篇填空

  I am fond of my sister ①__but__ she has one serious shortcoming.She can be really stubborn.②__Although__she didn't know the best way of getting to places, she insisted that she ③__(should)organize__(organize) the trip properly.Now I know that the proper way is always her way.I kept ④__asking__ (ask) her, “When are we leaving and when are we coming back?” I asked her ⑤__whether__ she had looked at a map yet.Of course she hadn't;my sister doesn't care ⑥__about__ details.So I told her that the source of the Mekong is in Qinghai Province.She gave me ⑦__a__ determined look—the kind that said she would not change ⑧__her__ mind.When I told her that our journey would begin ⑨__at__ an altitude of more than 5,000 metres, she seemed to be ⑩__excited__(excite) about it.

  Ⅴ. 教材原句

  1.She give me a __determined__ (determine) look-the kind that said she would not change __her__mind.

  解析:第一空考查词形转换,此处填形容词修饰look;第二空考查固定短语“change one's mind”。

  2.So I told her that the source of the Mekong __is__ (be) in Qinghai Province.


  3.I am fond __of__ my sister but she has one serious short coming.

  解析:考查固定搭配“be fond of”意为“喜欢,喜爱”。

  4.Ever since middle school, my sister Wang Wei and I __have_dreamed__ (dream) about taking a great bike trip.

  解析:考查现在完成时态,根据前文“ever since”可知答案。

  5.We found a large atlas with good maps __that/which__ showed details of world geography.


  6.Wang Wei soon got them __interested__(interest) in cycling too.


  7.In the late afternoon we found it was so cold __that__ our water bottles froze.


  8.At one point we were so high that we found ourselves __cycling__(cycle) through clouds.


  9.At midnight the sky became clearer and the stars grew __brighter__ (bright).

  解析:根据空前的“became clearer”可知答案。

  10.We will reach Dali in Yunnan province soon, __where__ our cousins Dao Wei and Yu Hang will join us.


  Ⅵ. 话题写作



  Our neighbour Mr Wang prefers travelling to__staying_at_home__.


  Last month,our neighbor Mr Wang__persuaded_us_to_join__in his journey.


  He was quite__reliable__and__cared_about__every detail of the preparation work.


  He chose the route,__found_the_transport__and__made_the_schedule__.


  The journey__organized_by_him__made us happy.


  From the journey we realize that Mr Wang__is_good_to_get_along/on_with__.



  Our neighbor Mr Wang prefers travelling to staying at home.Last month,he persuaded us to join in his journey, because we know he was quite reliable and cared about every detail of the preparation work.Then he chose the route, found the transport and made the schedule.The journey organized by him made us happy.From the journey we realize that Mr Wang is good to get along/on with.


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